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Mulch Installation by Jack's Lawn Service & SnowplowingYour home or commercial property is likely your largest investment, and pride of ownership shows in the details. By maintaining your lawn and landscaping to professional standards, you retain your curb appeal and build the long-term health of your turf, which is no happy accident.

Expertise and prevention will save your turf from the blights of wily nature and promote attractive, controlled growth. Intelligent maintenance and professional landscaping boost a property's value by as much as 15%-20%, according to real estate experts, netting you as much as a 100-200% return on your investment!

Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing provides year round commercial and residential landscape service packages including:

  • Lawn Maintenance - services provided April through October. Weekly mowing, trimming, and blowing off of sidewalks and driveway. Bi-weekly edging of sidewalks, curbs, and driveway. This service also includes leaf clean up of lawn areas during October.
  • Lawn Care - fertilizer and weed control program includes 4 applications of fertilizer and 2 applications of broadleaf weed killer. Other services we offer include crab grass applications, aeration and overseeding, and grub control treatment.
  • Landscaping - we can do anything from refreshing your mulch to designing a whole new landscape concept. Free estimates are always available and we offer a variety of appointment times to make it easy on your schedule.
  • Landscape Maintenance - we offer pruning and trimming multiple times a year, and both spring and fall clean-ups to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy. We also love new and interesting requests so don't be afraid to call and ask for help with whatever landscape maintenance issues you are having!

You can count on our pre-screened, long-term and well-trained staff to care for your property as if it were their own. Our pride of workmanship goes into every lawn at Jack's!

Jack’s Lawn Service & Snowplowing Inc. is fully state licensed and maintains active membership in the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals and the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association.

Lawn Maintenance by Jack's Lawn & Snowplowing, Inc.
Lawn Care by Jack's Lawn & Snowplowing, Inc.
Landscaping by Jack's Lawn & Snowplowing, Inc.
Landscape Maintenance by Jack's Lawn & Snowplowing, Inc.

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