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We have been in business since 1974 and we continue to support the Byron Center and greater Grand Rapids area for all their lawn care, landscaping and snowplowing needs.

Jack's offers superior service with great rates and customer care for both residential and commercial year-round lawn service and snow removal. Our family name and pride of workmanship goes into every job. Our team is screened, knowledgeable and trained to pay attention to detail.

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Jack's Lawn Service and Snowplowing Inc.
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I’ve used Jack’s Lawn Service for lawn care and snow removal for several years. They are easy to communicate with. The greatest benefit is having more energy for family and friends while in a safe and tidy environment. Thank you!
Best lawn service on the planet. Owned and operated by the most wonderful family. Never a worry.
I have used Jack’s for snow removal for the past two years. They have done a great job and even came out multiple times during big snow storms. They are also very good about communication and email out an update with every snow fall!
I've used their snow plowing services for some time now, they do a great job and are very accommodating of my special requests.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Murt, we appreciate your business!
I’ve been happy with the snowplowing, the being on time and come back in afternoon after a heavy all day event,Yes I would recommend them,
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Laura, we appreciate you business.
At the bottom of this review you will find comments I made some time ago. Those comments do not reflect the service I've received the past several months.Our service has often been outsourced to other mowing companies. The day of service changes without notice. The quality of service has dropped dramatically. The person that answers the phone when I call is polite and sounds both interested in what I have to say and apologetic for the service I've received. I have spoken to a Bruce several times who claims he will address my concerns with the crew but nothing changes. At our last conversation, I decided I needed to update my review. While Bruce claims he came out to my home, I doubt that.I have river rock and edgers surrounding my home. Each week I have to use a blower to remove the grass clippings from the rocks. Bruce suggested that it was debris from trimming weeds however, there are areas of stone nowhere near any grass and so what if it was, shouldn't the blowing away the clippings be the last thing done? If I didn't clean things myself, I'd have no visible rocks over the course of a season. The crew also drives over the edgers and pushes them deeper into the grass and they often knock others out of alignment.Adding to my frustration is the fact that the crew leaves my yard looking like a hay field with clumps of grass laying all over my yard. I have stated if I needed to pay for service that captured the clippings I would do so. I'm not sure whether their mower blades are dull or if they are going to fast, but my yard looks uneven after they cut the grass.I get it that finding good employees is a challenge but if I'm paying for services, I expect those services to be performed. I am very disappointed.Jack's has consistently delivered a high quality service in mowing our yard for a number of years. They take the time to trim edges--and we have a lot of landscape edgers around out home--and to blow the clippings off the sidewalk, driveway and decorative stone around the home. If I've needed to communicate, they respond quickly.
They are absolutely wonderful for snow plowing. We have used them for the last 2 years and will be using them this winter.
Jack's provided excellent service for lawn mowing and snow removal. We especially appreciated the edging of the driveway and sidewalk, which improved the appearance of our lawn. The service was consistent on the same day of the week. Jacks also plowed the snow from our driveway during the winter when the snow was 2" deep, but was unable to clear snow from our sidewalk, which I did myself.
The edging of the lawn always makes it look so finished.If I make a call to them they will call back.
The driveway is always clear by the time I need to leave in the morning. I appreciate that they clear the approach to the mailbox and that they come back to clear what the city leaves - even when the city takes forever to clear the street. My only complaint is that their new equipment leaves a thicker layer of snow than before.
I was very very pleased with their promptness and they’re professionalism in removing my snow timely this past winter.I would recommend them to my friends and family.
Great winter snowplow service
The team at Jack's is dependable, professional and they do a fantastic job! I also use them for snow removal in the winter and love getting the email updates so I know what to expect.
They supplied my snow plowing service 2021-22. I have no complaints about their service.
We have had Jack's for snow removal for a number of years now and have always found them reliable and good communicators of what to expect. We recommend them.
Jack's does my snowplowing and has done a very fine job, they are here once we have 2 inches of snow, and are very quick and efficient drivers, Thank you for the service. Joanne D
I've hired Jack's to mow our lawn for a number of years. I'm on a tight budget, so I contract for the basic mowing service, and they do nice work. Being disabled, I don't have to worry about the appearance of my yard. I have also contracted snow removal service from them, at which they are equally dependable.
Jack’s has done a tremendous job for my elderly parents who are home bound. Their yard work crew has been responsive and professional, and they really did a fantastic job this summer with the clean up! They also do the snow plowing and we’ve been very happy with that service as well!
We can count on Jack’s for lawn and snow services to be done well and listen to our needs. Thanks!
We used Jack's Lawn Service and Snowplowing Inc. for plowing our relatively short driveway in the winter of 2022. For those with an obscured memory of the winter, we had precipitation in February on 27 days, two of which were a light rain. While most days the snow was light, we had some heavier snowfalls. Jack's did a fine job of plowing the driveway during most events. They put a sign in our yard identifying us as a customer and also put stakes at the corners of the driveway to guide the plows. We only had a small issue with the dirt being plowed alongside the driveway and Jack's planted grass seed in that area in the spring. Toward the end of the season, communication about plowing or potential plowing was less than the copious and clear communication at the start of the season.
We have used Jack's for 14 plus years for lawn and snow. Friendly workers. Good service.
I’m very happy with this service. Jack’s is dependable and they take care to do the job right
Used Jack"s for snow plowing for years, great service! Highly recommend.
Since employing Jack's Lawn Service for the last 3 years, I have found their staff to be professional, competent, and friendly. I appreciate all the services they provide and use both their lawn and snowplow services throughout the year. They do quality work. I especially appreciate all the email updates to tell customers what actions have been taken. If there is ever a question or problem, their staff has quickly answered my request and resolved it. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review Jo! I am glad to hear about the positive interactions you have had with our staff. We love them and are happy they are blessing others. Our email updates for snow do seem to be a hit with all clients also.
Jack's has been great for plowing. I've got a large driveway on a busy road and used to have issues with last company creating snow banks that made it difficult to get in and out of the drive. Not with Jack's! I couldn't ask for better service.
Consistently good snowplowing service. Have used for a number of years.
Used them for snow removal. They did good work on time. I would recommend them.
After trying a number of snow removal services that didn't Iiv up to the terms of their contracts, I gave Jack's a try. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years now, and can say they show up when they are supposed to, do a great job of keeping my driveway and entry clear, and communicate often. If you are looking for a snow removal service don't hesitate to try Jack's.
We have used Jack’s snowplowing service since we moved to Grand Rapids in 2013. The service has been great and I really appreciate that they send out email updates about when the snowfall reaches the 2” trigger and when they are sending out the plows.
Excellent, Professional , Friendly , On Time Snowplowing Service With Reasonable Price I Will Use Them Again And Definitely Recommended 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Response from the owner: Thanks Ibrahim, we appreciate the feedback and you as a client.
I use Jack's lawn service to help my grandmother and they did not disappoint!Both her and I are extremely satisfied and happy with not just the work that they did for her on her lawn, but I am so grateful to the kind and understanding people at this business. Kimberly is absolutely wonderful and one of the kindest women I've ever spoke to! I highly recommend this service provider! Thank you Jackson service for all you've done for us
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review Rachel. I am glad we could help out you and your grandma and that you were pleased with the work. We also appreciate Kimberly and the work she does here, she is Great!
We have been customers of Jack's Lawn and Snowplowing Service for several years. We have been more than pleased with their attention to detail in keeping us informed during snow events. They email us with updates whenever it is snowing and it starts to accumulate. They plow after 2 inches have fallen, and they let us know when their trucks will be on the road. Often when there are larger accumulations they use a large snow blower to clear the snow, which keeps big snowbanks from being at the end of the driveway and we have better vision backing on to the road. They were so nice to work with they now do our lawn service!!!
Response from the owner: Dana, Thank you for the review. I am glad to hear you are happy with our snowplowing and lawn services. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you for years to come.
Going into our second year with Jack’s mowing services. They did a great job last year, no complaints.
They plowed my driveway this winter. They did a great job. Last year the previous company dumped a huge pile of snow over my mother's rose bush. Jack's heard my concern and kept it safe!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Ethel! We appreciate your business and look forward to snowplowing for you for years to come.

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