Why Jack’s.

We try very hard to be a different type of lawn care provider and snow removal company. As you consider who will best meet your needs, please consider a few of the ways Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing is unique:

We want you to be wholeheartedly delighted with our service… so totally satisfied that you will be excited to refer us to your friends, family and neighbors! If for any reason you are not 100% happy with our work, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. We believe that you deserve to love what we do!

Try us… you have nothing to lose! There will be NO CHARGE to you if you are not absolutely, positively, 100% satisfied. Nothing is more important to us, than your complete satisfaction.


We are licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and follow rules, good practices and have common decency. What does that mean? We provide ongoing training for our team, we are careful on job sites, we show up on time, we return calls, we close gates, and we care about our customers! We get in our trucks and go out in the field and check the work. All of our team is licensed and will speak English to you. And all of our employees are legal U.S. citizens.
We are fully insured for your protection – this is rare in the lawn care industry!

If your property is damaged or a worker injured at your home… if your lawn company cannot pay… who will? The answer… you or your homeowner’s insurance. That’s not right! That’s not fair! We protect you!

When selecting a lawn care company make sure the company you are considering has general liability insurance with a policy value of at least one million dollars. Many companies claim to have insurance or creatively state that their trucks are insured. This insurance does not cover you… just them. You want to be certain that they have a “General Liability Policy.” This policy will protect you and your family should anything happen to your property.

Our teams are uniformed; always in company trucks and we are serious about the personal ethics and quality of our team members. We realize that our people are on your property, around your family, and we take this seriously.

In addition, because we handle your private information, such as your credit card number, our systems use bank level security, 256-bit encryption, once your credit card number is input into our system no one in the company can see it. We are PCI compliant. This level of security is very rare in the lawn care industry.

Our team is licensed and trained to handle ALL of your outdoor needs – anything from full service lawn maintenance, fertilization, and weed control, to flowers and more (lots more). We also provide every aspect of snow removal you can imagine all the way down to custom ice melt solutions depending on the weather!

Because our team members are highly trained in landscape services as well as snow removal, when they are servicing your property they are on the look out for ways to help with both. In other words, when they apply ice melt, they are careful not to over apply it and harm your lawn and plants. And when they are helping you with landscape design plans or building retaining walls, they consider how natural snow piles might influence garden locations.

Using one company skilled in all of the outdoor services you will ever need makes it both fast & easy to solve any problem quickly.

We communicate. We advise. We are easily accessible. We have invested significantly to make sure that when you speak with someone at our office they know what they are talking about. How else can you expect good advice?

If we don’t answer the phone live, we will return your call that day and we generally respond to email within 1 to 2 hours.

A very significant problem in the lawn care industry is a lack of training. Many companies are short on workers and pay so poorly that they experience very high turnover. They hire whomever they can find and essentially give them a truck and mower and put them in the field. We believe this is an extremely dangerous practice.

Everyone we hire is retrained regardless of their experience. Each team member is an expert at what they do. Each team member is focused on his or her area of expertise.

Training takes time. We have found good pay, a great work environment and ongoing training significantly reduces turnover. Low turnover combined with a great training program will ensure you receive the highest quality service possible.

If you select a company that is too small, one where the owner still works in the field or is stuck in the office, chances are he will be unable to train his team and regularly inspect their work. Selecting a company that is not too small yet not too big is important.

Finally, a company that is a few dollars cheaper per week might be the best price but not the best value. A larger company with insurance, supervisors, a full time office staff, a training program and licensed employees is a much better value.

Many companies that mow or treat the lawn for a few dollars per year less are inexperienced in areas such a trimming the bushes, caring for the lawn as a whole and answering questions. Few companies have spent the money and taken the steps to become a well-rounded provider of multiple services.

This is why we believe a small operation cannot possibly possess all of the skills necessary to provide every type of service. We believe the ideal company for our clients is one where teams specialize by service such as mowing teams, bush trimming teams, irrigators, etc. This specialization allows each team to become an expert at their skill.

For each of the services we offer we have very strict internal procedures outlining how we operate. These procedures ensure you will receive a consistent, high quality experience.

The following example pertains to our fertilization and weed control program. However, this example illustrates how we think and how all of the different services we offer work.

We start by accurately measuring your lawn. It is NECESSARY to record an accurate measurement as the size of your property determines the ideal amount of material needed specifically for your lawn. If a company identifies your 8,000 sq. ft. lawn as 6,000sq. ft. they can legally apply 6,000 sq. ft. of fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed treatment material to your lawn. Doing so saves them money but harms the quality of the work you are paying for. Jack’s Lawn Service will measure your lawn and show you the calculations. We do not cut corners.

We commit to applying the treatments as scheduled. Some companies hedge by saying they will apply “weather permitting” or “as needed.” We apply all treatments as outlined in our written schedule / agreement.

We do not apply treatments when it is very windy or the temperature is too high or low. It is an inconvenience to us to delay an application. However, it is what is best for your lawn. Applying an application at the wrong time will result in subpar quality. We commit to excellent service and superior quality.

We use expensive, very desirable slow release nitrogen in all our applications. Many companies use less expensive and less desirable quick release nitrogen to cut their costs. We use only the very best fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. This eliminates surge growth. Yes, it costs us more money, but we believe it is the solution that delivers the best quality.

We use the best products available. We use products that require a license to purchase. We do not use products available at Home Depot. The products used to care for your lawn are the very best available.

Finally, we have a system to optimize the treatment day around your mow day. It’s important. If the lawn is mowed too soon before or after a treatment you might as well donate the money to charity. Mow too soon and the weed hasn’t had time to absorb the treatment before it is mowed. Treat to early after mowing and there won’t be any weed visible to treat. That is how weeds get missed!


Jack’s is Unique.

Mentioning seven major differences barely scratches the surface of all the benefits we work hard to provide you. As you consider your many options for lawn care service please consider the peace of mind that comes from using a service that knows what they are doing, will not waste your time, provides accurate advice, will not waste your money and always shows up on time and contact Jack’s today!

Jack’s Lawn Service & Snowplowing Inc. is fully state licensed and maintains active membership in the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals, the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association and the Snow & Ice Management Association.

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Residential Snow Removal from Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing
Lawn Mowing from Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing
“Jack’s Lawn Service & Snowplowing supervisors regularly visit our client’s properties and inspect the quality of our work. If you select a company unwilling to spend the money to regularly inspect the work performed there will be problems and sometimes costly mistakes.”Bruce Vander Vennen

Jack’s Reviews.

  • “Jack’s has done a great job at performing excellent service at both my work and home in both lawn and snow services. They keep our parking lots clear from snow in a timely manner.”

    – Bruce Bradford

  • “Jack’s Lawn Service has faithfully cared for my lawn for 20 years. Since I like a well-manicured yard, the personal attention to my requests is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend his quality services to others.”

    – Gloria Baker

  • “Jack’s Lawn Service has served me for the last 10 years. I am very satisfied with their friendly and helpful service. I have been spreading the word and getting more customers for Jack.”

    – Dorothy Beaukema

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