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Since 1974, Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing has been family owned and operated. We are focused on serving residential and commercial properties in the Grand Rapids area. Jack Vander Vennen started the business to make money to put himself through Calvin College. He enjoyed the business so much that he continued doing it after college. When he started it was just a lawn mower, clippers and broom in the trunk of his car.

Jack had three sons: Bruce, Jason and Jeremy that entered the business in 1996, 1999 and 2001 respectively.

  • Bruce attended MSU and GRCC receiving a degree in Landscape Management.
  • Jason attended University of Northwestern Ohio and received a certificate for Automotive Repair.
  • Jeremy attended GRCC and completed the Residential Construction class.

All three boys ended up joining the business. In 2012 Jack retired selling the business to his 3 sons.

With a seasonal staff of 20 employees -- the majority of whom have been with the company for several years -- the Vander Vennen family carefully screens employees and selects only the most knowledgeable with proven attention to detail.

"When we care for your lawn and landscape needs, it's our family name and pride of workmanship on the line."Bruce Vander Vennen

Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing Inc. is fully state licensed and maintains active membership in the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals, the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association and the Snow & Ice Management Association.

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Residential Snow Removal from Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing
Lawn Mowing from Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing

Customer Reviews.

I’ve been happy with the snowplowing, the being on time and come back in afternoon after a heavy all day event,Yes I would recommend them,
They are absolutely wonderful for snow plowing. We have used them for the last 2 years and will be using them this winter.
The edging of the lawn always makes it look so finished.If I make a call to them they will call back.
I was very very pleased with their promptness and they’re professionalism in removing my snow timely this past winter.I would recommend them to my friends and family.
The team at Jack's is dependable, professional and they do a fantastic job! I also use them for snow removal in the winter and love getting the email updates so I know what to expect.
They supplied my snow plowing service 2021-22. I have no complaints about their service.
We have had Jack's for snow removal for a number of years now and have always found them reliable and good communicators of what to expect. We recommend them.
Jack's does my snowplowing and has done a very fine job, they are here once we have 2 inches of snow, and are very quick and efficient drivers, Thank you for the service. Joanne D
I've hired Jack's to mow our lawn for a number of years. I'm on a tight budget, so I contract for the basic mowing service, and they do nice work. Being disabled, I don't have to worry about the appearance of my yard. I have also contracted snow removal service from them, at which they are equally dependable.
Jack’s has done a tremendous job for my elderly parents who are home bound. Their yard work crew has been responsive and professional, and they really did a fantastic job this summer with the clean up! They also do the snow plowing and we’ve been very happy with that service as well!
We can count on Jack’s for lawn and snow services to be done well and listen to our needs. Thanks!
We have used Jack's for 14 plus years for lawn and snow. Friendly workers. Good service.
I’m very happy with this service. Jack’s is dependable and they take care to do the job right
Used Jack"s for snow plowing for years, great service! Highly recommend.
Since employing Jack's Lawn Service for the last 3 years, I have found their staff to be professional, competent, and friendly. I appreciate all the services they provide and use both their lawn and snowplow services throughout the year. They do quality work. I especially appreciate all the email updates to tell customers what actions have been taken. If there is ever a question or problem, their staff has quickly answered my request and resolved it. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service.
Jack's has been great for plowing. I've got a large driveway on a busy road and used to have issues with last company creating snow banks that made it difficult to get in and out of the drive. Not with Jack's! I couldn't ask for better service.
Consistently good snowplowing service. Have used for a number of years.
After trying a number of snow removal services that didn't Iiv up to the terms of their contracts, I gave Jack's a try. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years now, and can say they show up when they are supposed to, do a great job of keeping my driveway and entry clear, and communicate often. If you are looking for a snow removal service don't hesitate to try Jack's.
We have used Jack’s snowplowing service since we moved to Grand Rapids in 2013. The service has been great and I really appreciate that they send out email updates about when the snowfall reaches the 2” trigger and when they are sending out the plows.
Excellent, Professional , Friendly , On Time Snowplowing Service With Reasonable Price I Will Use Them Again And Definitely Recommended 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I use Jack's lawn service to help my grandmother and they did not disappoint!Both her and I are extremely satisfied and happy with not just the work that they did for her on her lawn, but I am so grateful to the kind and understanding people at this business. Kimberly is absolutely wonderful and one of the kindest women I've ever spoke to! I highly recommend this service provider! Thank you Jackson service for all you've done for us
We have been customers of Jack's Lawn and Snowplowing Service for several years. We have been more than pleased with their attention to detail in keeping us informed during snow events. They email us with updates whenever it is snowing and it starts to accumulate. They plow after 2 inches have fallen, and they let us know when their trucks will be on the road. Often when there are larger accumulations they use a large snow blower to clear the snow, which keeps big snowbanks from being at the end of the driveway and we have better vision backing on to the road. They were so nice to work with they now do our lawn service!!!
Going into our second year with Jack’s mowing services. They did a great job last year, no complaints.
They installed mulch and did spring clean up. The guys really cared about the quality of their work and communicated with me on their progress and/or questions they had. I highly recommend any of their services.
They plowed my driveway this winter. They did a great job. Last year the previous company dumped a huge pile of snow over my mother's rose bush. Jack's heard my concern and kept it safe!
Switched to Jacks this winter from my previous snow removal service and found them to do exceptional work at a competitive price. I especially loved their level of communication. Regular emails sharing status of snowfall expected and when they expected to get out to plow were so nice! I'm giving them a try for some spring, summer and fall work now and am hoping they are as good in these areas of service also!
This is now my 3rd winter season using Jacks for snow removal in my driveway. I really like that they use a tractor to plow instead of a pickup truck with a plow attached. I like the emails I receive from them, each time it snows, just giving an update and the times they plan to be out to clear the driveway. I work from home so I'm fortunate to not have to leave my home early in the morning before they may have got a chance to clear my driveway. The only time I realize sod may have been dug up is the end of my driveway and it doesn't bother me. I think they do a great job. They mostly clear my driveway during the night.
We were very pleased with their snow plow services. We appreciated the emails updating us about when they would come to remove snow!
We use Jacks for some properties that are out of our service area. Great people, good work.
Watch Jack's Lawn Service do an excellent job. Trimmed everything thing down getting school yard ready for winter.
Shari was very accommodating in doing my application for me.
I wanted to share a good review. It’s so easy to write in anger when a business messes up. But when a company does the right thing like providing great customer service and being decent, it needs to be shared. I have my mowing with them and anytime I have asked for a quote for additional services, instead of quoting the most expensive service, I get a real consultation that first suggest the most cost effective way to get what I am asking for. Not only have they done my lawn, I also had them enlarge my concrete patio with pavers that is pretty and I have gotten compliments. I work in a position where customer service is key to retaining clients so my expectations are pretty high and they have been exceeding those expectations. Decency, kindness and good service go a long way.
We love Jack's... they help us out with the heavy lifting of snow removal so we can easily handle our little walk to the house. Also love the correspondence trail via email. We always know when to expect snow removal and they openly keep track of how many times they helped us out. Thanks Jack's!
They did a great job cleaning up our leaves in a very short time and saved me multiple weekends of work. Will definitely do again next year.
Great company, staff to work with. Very attentive to questions and/or requests. Every employee interaction has always been pleasant. Lawn looks great! Snow removal is timely!
Have used Jack's for snow and leaf removal for several years, and they've done a thorough job, especially getting out to plow and staying on top of communication about it. Leaf clean up is also well done, especially in those years when early snow or late leaf drop makes clean up by hand a real chore. Workers are helpful and professional. Recommend!
First, used the Fall Cleanup service for the first time this year and they were awesome! Came home to a perfectly vacuumed yard. Not a leaf in sight in the yard, flowerbeds or around the garage. Worth every penny and will use them again next year!Second, have used the snow plowing service for a few years now and have always been pleased. In response to some of the other more negative review issues; yes, I too would love to have them take a double swipe at my drive for a cleaner drive but, with my single lane driveway, the service is just for one drop and drag and that’s it. Also sometimes the snow is deeper than 2” at MY house (lot of drifting down my drive) and sometimes, in heavy snowfall conditions, I have had to leave for work before the drive was plowed but I understand that unfortunately it is not my personal plowing service and there are other factors that are considered. I have tried other companies in the past and their service was no different. So ideally I agree with you, I wish it could be ‘more’ but I feel that Jack’s tries to provide the best service they can, for all customers, and I believe the price is very reasonable. I have recommended them to numerous friends and they too have been happy with their services.Fall cleanup and shoveling are at the bottom of my want-to-do list so I’m sticking with Jack’s to handle those items so I can have more time to do better things.
Jacks does an amazing job. Our expectations were totally exceeded.
Jack’s Lawn is great. When you call the office, the ladies are always kind and helpful.
The guys were quick and thorough at Fall Cleanup. We hadn't touched a single leaf before they came and had a spotless yard afterward. Every year we look forward to having one of the most leaf-free yards on the block because Jack's does the work for us.
I have had Jacks for my lawn service, Snowplowing, and fall cleanup for several years. I have been happy with the jobs they have done, especially the fall cleanup. They even came back a third time to pick up the extra leaves when I asked. Snowplowing is done early enough so the busses can always get in and out of my driveway by 8:00 AM. I’ve been very pleased with the service they provide.
I am so excited that I found Jack’s Lawn Service! They took great care of my yard all summer and came twice to do a very thorough fall clean-up! I have already signed up for snow removal service and will certainly use their lawn service again next spring/summer.
I've been using Jack's for a number of years now. This year's fall cleanup was the most thorough yet. I will continue to contract snowplowing, lawn mowing, and cleanup from them.
Very timely and friendly service. Have used them for both snow plowing and lawn mowing (spraying for weeds and fertilizer for grass).
Never disappoints! Timley service with great employee's! Tim is very professional and understanding of my requests.
Love Jacks! Tim makes sure my driveway is clean each and every time I come home. A++ work! 🙂
I hire Jacks to mow and remove snow, I have always had dependable service. Their customer service is friendly and quick I have been a customer for about 10 years. They return every phone call, even during the worst of weather.
Have been aclient for decades. Prompt service, driveway is well plowed, attention to details like the mail box and keeping the end of driveway piles down to where you can see before exiting driveway.
Been using Jack's for various services for years now. Always quality service and their continued communication is helpful as well.
I have been a customer of Jack's for the last 5 years. I have been pleased with my snow plowing service. His prices are competitive with other plowing services. He has done a good job of clearing my driveway and prompt in plowing my driveway.Linda Miller
First time, never check with any one else. We love the service, we’ll be back next year. Thanks for the wonderful service.Did’t Know about the e-mail service for updates,luv them.Bob & Barb Pulaski
Jack's did a remarkable job clearing my driveway during this unbelievable snow and ice episode. I will not hesitate to hire them again next season.
I have had Jack's snowplowing for the last six years. They do a great job at a reasonable price. I appreciate the email updates that let me know when they will be out next during a storm.
I’ve used Jack’s for snow plowing the past 3 years and it’s been a huge help to have my driveway cleared by 7am when there is a big snowfall. I also appreciate their email communications. Thanks so much!
I have been a customer of Jack's Lawn Service and Snowplowing for the past 3 years. They do an excellent job not only with my driveway but also keeping the end of the drive and by my mailbox accessible once the snow plows go through my neighborhood. I appreciate the text messages I receive so I know when I can expect my plowing to be done and it is always done when I am told. I would highly recommend Jack's to anyone looking for an honest and reputable company.
Jack’s has always done a fine job of clearing the snow out of our driveway but this year was even better. One of the crew used a small bobcat to take away the large snow & ice chunks that the big plow left at the end of the drive- something I had previously done by hand.This continued until the recent snow & extreme cold ended. This “extra” fine service is why I gave Jacks five stars.Marjorie PlunkettLeona Overholt
Jacks snowing has been great, they are always there and come back the same day if needed, would recommend to others.
Have had Jack's snowplowing for several years. Great service, appreciate the communication updating and monitoring the snow conditions.
Jack’s snowplow service is the best! They are quick to respond and keeps you up to date via email whenever they will or had cleared your driveway. It’s a nice peace of mind knowing when away or sleeping, your driveway will be cleaned. 😊
I love the communication via email! I never give 5s because no one is perfect, but I wish I could give you 4.5 stars. We are happy with our snow removal service and plan on signing up again next year!
This is our first year using Jacks; we switched from another company, what an amazing difference! We are in the middle of the 2019 snow-pocalypse, and they are working like crazy to keep everyone plowed! My favorite is the communication; we receive email updates a couple times a day so we always know what’s happening. Thank you!
We have used Jack's for snowplow service the past couple years. Good communication via e-mail after snowfall to advise when the plowing will begin. Plowing is done well and timely. We opt for the plowing in front of the mailbox and had that part missed once the first year, but hasn't been missed since. They did come out and repair one area of lawn/sprinkler head that was damaged in the Spring. But these are things that are bound to happen at some point regardless who does the plowing. Very happy with the service provided.
Jack's has done a great job keeping the driveway clear this year. More importantly, they have done a great job at staying in communication with me through out the year with updates on their services and timing. I've been impressed enough to sign up for their lawn services as well.
I have used Jack's for residential snowplowing for the past 4 years, and I never have to worry about getting out of my driveway in the morning. They are very reliable and reasonably priced as well!
I've been using Jacks Snow Plowing Service for 15 years and they have, a 5 star, excellent service. Jacks, is always quick to plow the snow and during heavy snowfall, they email updates regarding conditions and the next plowing times. I highly recommend Jacks Snow Plowing and their Lawn Service is excellent as well.
Jack's Snowplowing service has been exceptional over the two years we have used them. I love the e-mail updates they provide, notifying us in advance of their plans, which is helpful and appreciated. Fundamentally, they just do a great job snow plowing my Driveway!
The team at Jack's is on top of snow removal, my driveway is cleaned out clearly & quickly after the snow falls. It is such a relief not to have to think about removing the snow now that winter is in full force! thank you!
Jack's does a great job. Love the emailed updates.
I have had Jack's Snow Plowing for over 10 years and have never been disappointed.I love the e-mail updates. they are informing and convenient. Keep up the good work
I have no complaints, their scheduling has been great to keep us cleared out. The drivers are doing a very good job clearing the roads and driveways, which is difficult in a mobile home park. I really like getting their message updates. Thanks a bunch...Joanne Dumont
We are very happy with Jack's plowing service. They have helped us out for two years now, and their prices are very fair for the many times they plow our driveway. We really appreciate all the email updates they give whenever they have to plow when the snow is over 2 inches. Thanks Jack! We will definitely be signing up for next year also.
I’ve used Jack’s lawn and plow service for several years. Their employees have always been courteous and pleasant. Work is completed on time and they are quick to notify me if there is a problem.
I have had your snow plowing service for more than 10 years. I love your service. It is like a gift every morning!!!!
Jack's always does a great job for us. On time; excellent email updates; complete removal from drive and apron. Will not hesitate to sign up again and to use their summer services on our lawn.
This is my 2nd year with Jacks snowplowing service. I would highly recommenced them to anyone. My driveway is always cleared before I leave for work and done throughout the day if needed. They also do a great job of cleaning out the end of my driveway (I live at the end of a dead end street)
My driveway has always been plowed by 7:30 am, allowing me to leave my house without getting stuck. I’ve always been very pleased with the snow plowing and lawn service from Jack’s. I’m not doing it myself and that rocks!
Jack's is fantastic, dependable and they stay in constant communication on the anticipated snowfall and their plan of action!
After trying several different services, Jacks is the best. They are out immediately after the snowfall and have constant communication. They have a customer for life. Highly recommended
Jack's has done such an amazing job plowing on time this year. Their communication with their customers is wonderful as we have an email each time we have snow letting us know what is going on and what to expect. I would definitely recommend their snow plowing services.
This is my first time using Jack's Lawn Service company for snow plowing in the winter. They do a great job of communicating when they will be out to clear driveways and so far have done a great job of meeting expectations. They are very competitive in pricing and offer a variety of services. I would recommend them to anyone in there servicing radius.
We’ve been very happy with Jack’s snow plowing service. We receive messages informing us about snowfall situations that are about to occur, and proceed to tell how they will follow-up with their service based on the information provided us. We’ve observed the snow plowing service a few times and have been pleased with the process of the snow removal. Very neat and clean. At the end of snow season, this company follows-up by making sure that no damage has occurred to property once the snow has disappeared from view. Thumbs Up.
Use the company for lawn service and snow removals Responsible and timely service. 3 years going strong will sign for next year
This is our second year with Jack's and we are happy with their snowplowing. We also appreciate the email notifications to keep us updated.
I have been a Jack's customer for at least 12 years. They have always done a superb job, which is why I continue to hire them year after year. I especially like the more quiet, snowblower-type of equipment they added last year. I truly appreciate that they make sure that approaches are cleared after the City plows come through. My favorite part is the email update. Highly recommend!
I have used Jack’s snowplow service for the last 4 years. I’m very happy with the service, as well as their communication via email regarding plow schedule. I will continue to use them. Highly recommend!
we switched our snow plow service to Jack's Lawn Service and so far I am very happy. My driveway has been plowed before I leave for work early in the morning. When necessary they come back if the snow keeps falling. I would recommend this company to anybody looking for snow removal.
They get closer to my garage and do a much better job cleaning out the snow boulders at the end of my driveway than my former plow service. The plow blades seem quieter, too, which my neighbors probably appreciate.The emails were a nice surprise. After every “snow event” they email you to let you know what they have done and what they are planning to do. That way you are not left wondering what to expect.
This is my 2nd year with Jack's. I'm completely satisfied with my choice to use them for my plowing needs. They've been timely and efficient. I especially love the Snow Scoop emails that keep me informed of the snow we've gotten and their schedule for plowing. I wish I could comment on their customer service outside of plowing but they've done so well that I've never had a need to call. 👍👍
Excellent service, reliable and quick, just a great job every time.
The Bankruptcy Group that I work for uses Jack's for their snowplowing service and we couldn't be happier. We have been with them for about 5 years now. We have a four car parking lot with only an alley for them to push the snow into, which is not easy for a truck with a plow to get into. I get to work early and the parking lot is always done by the time I get here. If I have ever had to call with a concern, they were out here that day correcting the problem. I give them five stars and say thank you so much for having a great company with people who care about their customers!!
This is the first year I have had Jack’s. I am pleased with their snow plowing and keeping me informed via email
We’ve had Jack’s for 7 or 8 years and are very pleased with them. They do a great job and have never missed a plow. We checked out other services this year and if you take advantage of the early bird sign-up, their price is the best. Highly recommend them.
This is my 2nd year using Jacks and I have been completely happy. They are on time with plowing and I feel their price is reasonable.
I appreciate the email communication aa weather conditions change. Prompt, efficient & communication updates.... Great customer service!
I have been using Jack’s for over 10 years for snow plowing and landscaping.The workers are polite and very knowledgeable.I have never had an issue with any of their services... these guys ROCK!Would highly recommend them.
Jack's Snowplowing is the BEST! I have had them do 3 different properties for me for the last 5 years. They are always on time, do a great job, and their communication is above and beyond anything I could have asked for! I would recommend Jack's to ANYONE!!!!!
We have used Jack's for the past four years after trying others out and are extremely pleased with our service. I appreciate the email updates, as well as the attention to details such as coming back to clear our driveway after the city trucks come through. Adding on the mailbox clearing has been a time saver this year. Well worth it.
Great company!!! Very happy with all the services they provide!
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