Triple Lane or Y-Double Car Driveway


Price is one-time for the season.
Triple Lane or Y-Shaped Double Driveway Snow Removal service includes driveways up to 100′ long that are three cars wide or two cars wide with a y-shaped area at the end. See more details below.

Optional Add-On Services:

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Snow removal sign up is a snap online! Jack’s snow plow rates cover you from November 15 – April 1st. Plowing will typically be done between midnight and 7am. If 2″ has accumulated by midnight, we will be done by 7am. If 2″ falls by 4am, we will start plowing and continue into the morning. Due to safety and liability, daytime plowing will not start unless 4″ or more has accumulated on the pavement.

Regular snowplowing services cover plowing until the 77 inch seasonal snowfall average is met. Then a $12 per plow charge will occur for standard drives, unless the Unlimited Plowing optional service is purchased.

Driveways markers will be used to identify the driveway and prevent damage. A return trip in spring to fix any lawn damage is included. Please call us right away if you notice damage that needs attention sooner.

Due to the way concrete can move with the freeze and thaw cycles, we are not responsible for damage due to scraping, peeling or deterioration of driveways.

Generic pricing below covers residential driveways up to 100′ long. Call 616-698-8616 for specialty driveway pricing.